Season 1 Edit

Elarusus - Changes the appearance of a human or object.

Xelius Chariot - Transfigures a hores into a rocking chair.

Feralius Chariot - Transfigures a hores into 2 horeses and a chariot.

Melarius Fixio - Fixes a problem.

Cleaning Charm - Cleans a room completely.

Wedgideo - Gives a wedgie.

Levatation Charm - Levitates an object up to 250lb pounds.

Protecto Amaryallis - Protects against harm.

!"!Transport!"! - Transports you to any place in the Wizard World (You must really want to).

Cistem Spirokade (Spider Cursing Spell) - Blasts spiders into a coma.